CPD Days

For clarity all members should know that a CPD day is not a course.
It is also not a refresher course.
It is a special day for continual professional development.

It is a day for practitioners to attend to ask questions, network with other practitioners, discuss adverse effects and partake in some practical with live models to confirm techniques and hone their skills.

Some people join ACPB thinking they will get a free course which would normally cost thousands of pounds.

CPD days are additional learning experiences not a cheap option for a new course.

ACPB is reliant on Academies to offer CPD days as part of their charitable donation to us. As such, ACPB can only offer Continued Professional Development to members who have trained at an assessed and approved training centre. Should you not be eligible for CPD days due to your training school, you will still be eligible for all other benefits afforded to ACPB Members.
For students who have not trained at an ACPB recognised academy (For example Cosmetic Couture) they will be assessed and if deemed not competent will be advised to attend a refresher course rather than a CPD day.

ACPB is an independent charity organisation who works with training partners such as Cosmetic Couture. We do not own any premises or do any training ourselves.