About Inspectorate
The Association of Cosmetic Practitioners Britain (ACPB) has teamed up with IQ Verify, an established certification body with experience within the field of aesthetic medicine, to provide independent 3rd party auditing services to help increase public safety.

The inspectorate will check premises where aesthetic treatments are being carried out against a set of criteria which are in line with the latest cosmetic standards.
With no current regulations or legislative requirements in the industry, the ACPB is determined to show that non-medics are working to a high set of standards and are willing to be scrutinised and the results made public. Practitioner competence is not a factor included within the audit, more-so the safety of the clinical environment within which these treatments are to be delivered.

All members results will be published on our website to ensure transparency and to assist client’s when booking to confirm that businesses are ACPB registered and whether they are inspected or not.

The audit can be done in two parts:

The first an online self-assessment checklist that assesses compliance with the latest cosmetic guidelines (CPSA, CQC) and the more recent, Covid-19 centred infectioncontrol considerations.
The second is an on-site physical audit that verifies the implementation of the information provided in the stage one self-assessment.

Stage 1 –
The Online Self-Assessment
This stage costs £200

This stage is completed by the practitioner and then sent back to ACPB and IQ Verify for auditing and assistance, should any criteria not be met.

During this time, the practitioner’s status will be noted as PENDING.

Once completed, the practitioner is then given 3 months to complete Stage 2 of the Inspection.

Stage 2 –
The On-site Physical Inspection
This stage costs £600

This stage is completed by an independent auditor provided by the Inspectorate via IQ Verify.

This inspection is done to confirm the self-assessment and score the property.

Results of inspections will be quantified using a four-tier grading scale of Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement and Inadequate.

ACPB will use the IQ Verify audit reports to issue an ACPB certificate of compliance or request and schedule improvements prior to issuing any certification.

The certificate would have a two-year expiry date, after which a further audit must be scheduled to ensure the maintenance of standards over time.
For any further information or to begin your Inspection stages,
please contact support@acpb.co.uk